moka pot

 1. Add hot water to the line of the bottom of the brewer.

2. Insert the filter basket into the brewer bottom.

3. Fill the basket with ground coffee, flattening the surface with your finger slightly.



4. Screw the top and bottom together and be sure not to over tighten. 

5. Put the brewer on the stove using moderate heat.

6. The coffee will begin to extract as a rich brown stream that will lighten in colour.

The idea is to get a relatively small amount of concentrated coffee that is rich.

7. Serve and enjoy (dilute with water if that is your preference)

Also Known As: Stovetop Espresso




1. Warm up your french press, by adding hot water to it.

2. Empty the hot water, and add your ground coffee to the french press. 7-14g per 350ml water or to your liking.

3. Pour hot water in the plunger.



4. Stir the coffee and allow it to settle. 

5. Place the lid on and allow the coffee to brew for 3-5 minutes.

6. Post brewing time, slowly plunge by pressing the top knob of the lid down.

 7. Serve and enjoy.

Also Known As: Plunger


Filter machine

1. Add a coffee filter to the filter basket or use the mesh filter that comes with the coffee maker.

2. Measure out your Monate ground coffee depending on how much coffee you’d like to make. 60g per 1l.

3. Measure out your water using the markings on the side of the coffee maker as your guide.



 4. Turn on the coffee maker by plugging it in or pressing the button on the machine. The coffee will start brewing.

5. Wait for the pot to fill and for the coffee to finish brewing.

6. Serve and Enjoy!


Be sure to throw away your paper filter or if you’ve used the mesh filter, be sure to discard the used ground coffee and rinse the mesh filter

Also Known As: Drip Pot



1. Place your Chemex filter on the top of the brewer, with the side with three layers positioned over the pouring spout.

2. Pour your boiled water over the filter to rinse it and wet it. This process also pre warms your Chemex.

3. Once warm, pour out the remaining water from the Chemex



4. Add your ground coffee to the filter – 3tbsp per one cup.

5. Pour the boiling water over the coffee, saturating it. This is the first pour. Pour in a slow, circular motion and allow the coffee to sit for a few seconds.

Pour boiling water for a second time until the water reaches just below the top 


of the Chemex.

Continue adding boiling water until you’ve reached just below the wooden handle.

6. When you’re done, remove the filter with the ground coffee and dispose.

7. Serve and Enjoy!

Also Known As: Pour over or Drip Coffee